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    After many years of operating a successful gallery in Fremantle we have now decided on a more relaxed marketing approach and have taken our business online – with exclusive viewings by appointment for local customers in our private home gallery.

    This is in keeping with current overseas selling trends, and no longer having a physical gallery means that our overheads are considerably reduced. This results in substantial savings that we can pass on to our valued customers, both old and new. We regard this more streamlined online business venture as a definite win/win.

    We're proud to present an extensive selection of contemporary indigenous paintings from the Central and Western Desert regions that cater for all aesthetic tastes, budgets and wall spaces. These amazing Aboriginal paintings will ideally complement any residential, corporate or commercial situation.
    If you require further information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page or contact Bill Green at any time on +61 (0) 403012615 or Victoria on +61 (0) 413 363 900.

    All Measurements in centimetres - simply click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged image!

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